• Juiced SCORPION - Moped Style E-Bike
  • Juiced SCORPION - Moped Style E-Bike
  • Juiced SCORPION - Moped Style E-Bike
  • Juiced SCORPION - Moped Style E-Bike
  • Juiced SCORPION - Moped Style E-Bike
  • Juiced SCORPION - Moped Style E-Bike

Juiced SCORPION - Moped Style E-Bike

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Outrageous torque and acceleration with Scorpion’s 750W Motor/28mph speed or HyperScorpion’s 1000W Motor/30++ mph off-road speed.

52V/1kWh battery eliminates range anxiety, U.S. based service and support team, and best-in-class reliability and durability.

Front and rear suspension, versatile step-through frame and wider seat provides an outrageously smooth ride.

Wide tires for enhanced stability, hydraulic disc brakes for responsive stopping power and a bright LED moto headlamp for exceptional visibility.

Customized display controls assist level, as well as displays battery voltage, speed, trip miles, temperature, and more.

Added security and peace-of-mind with a removable, lock-protected battery.

Super bright and exceptionally safe moto style headlight offers great visibility and illumination for night time rides.

Superior built suspension improves riding efficiency and comfort in even the most unforgiving terrains.

Amplify your pedaling power with Scorpion's Cadence Pedal Assist Technology. The HyperScorpion features Cadence & Torque Pedal Assist Technology.

Get a soft, smooth ride with less bounce—ideal for all types of terrain and riding conditions.

Sit in style and comfort, even on the longest rides.

Strap on traveling supplies, run errands, or store extra gear.

Juiced Bikes is a California-based company offering innovative and top-performing electric mobility products at an accessible, practical price. By using a direct-to-consumer distribution model, Juiced eliminates redundancy in an otherwise outdated supply chain to create a more affordable purchasing path for its customers.

The company was founded in 2009 by Tora Harris who graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Harris is a record-breaking high jump champion, five-time American Champion, and a 2004 Olympian. His passionate commitment to academic pursuits and athletic competition is now devoted to developing high performance personal mobility products that take customers on a life-changing ride.

Originally established as an importer of Lithium-Ion batteries, Juiced Bikes quickly progressed to developing electric bikes with the inventive and functional ODK Utility e-bike launching in 2010. Juiced products are designed, engineered, and supported by a team in San Diego, California and produced to exacting quality specifications. We take enormous pride in setting performance standards for range, quality, durability, affordability, and service support for the global electric bike industry. With a fierce commitment to utilizing advanced technologies to optimally distribute and support our products, Juiced ensures an efficient, reliable and trusted connection with our customers.


Tora Harris is the founder of Juiced Bikes, an industry leader in electric bicycle design, manufacturing, sales, and distribution. Tora has led Juiced since its beginnings in 2009 as a Li-Ion battery pack manufacturer, releasing his first in-house designed bike in 2011. His vehicle designs have set high standards for the e-bike industry, many of which have yet to be met by competitors:

  • 2014 ODK U500 Cargo Bike - 48V 32Ah (1.5kWh) battery pack
  • 2015 CrossCurrent - First high-performance e-bike under $1500
  • 2017 HyperFat HF1000 - First production e-bike with a 1000W MAC motor
  • 2019 CrossCurrent S2 - First and only company to use 52V battery platform across the entire e-bike portfolio

Under Tora’s leadership, Juiced Bikes transitioned to a direct-to-consumer distribution model in January 2017, dramatically reducing consumer pricing for high-performance e-bikes, while improving the efficiency of the product development process from ideation to launch. Fiercely committed to providing riders with the highest quality e-bikes at an affordable price, Tora strategically utilized a crowdfunding campaign in the Summer of 2018 to release the company’s line of super-premium Scrambler electric bikes. The success of the campaign, speed of order fulfillment, top-rated customer satisfaction, and the high degree of transparency delivered to backers throughout production are all impressive examples of the company’s dedication to exceeding the expectations of their loyal customers and supporters.

A fluent Mandarin speaker, Tora spends a great deal of time in China working directly with his design, engineering, and manufacturing teams. He is uniquely positioned to access relevant technology as soon as it’s available, and with capabilities to develop new innovations that don’t yet exist.

Tora was a 4-time All American high jumper at Princeton, winning the high jump at NCAA Outdoor Championship in 2002. He graduated in 2002 with a BSE in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and embarked upon a successful professional athletic career after graduation. Tora won 4 US National Championships in high jump and competed on the US Olympic team in 2004 in Athens, Greece. Tora retired from international athletics in 2012 to exclusively focus on leading the rapid growth of the Juiced Bikes organization. The rest, as they say, is history.