• StepTwin Bike & StepScooter: String Drive is here
  • StepTwin Bike & StepScooter: String Drive is here
  • StepTwin Bike & StepScooter: String Drive is here
  • StepTwin Bike & StepScooter: String Drive is here
  • StepTwin Bike & StepScooter: String Drive is here
  • StepTwin Bike & StepScooter: String Drive is here
  • StepTwin Bike & StepScooter: String Drive is here
  • StepTwin Bike & StepScooter: String Drive is here

StepTwin Bike & StepScooter: String Drive is here

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StepTwin® Bike - A new level of outdoor training, It’s perfect for daily exercise, to ride to school and work.

  • Innovative Dual Bionic String Drive Technology
  • Unique String & Chain drive
  • Totally silent biking
  • No circular motion
  • Free pedal travel
  • Independent speed change
  • Ultralight from 7.0 kg / 15.4 lbs
  • Easy fold/unfold

StepTwin® Bike: Each leg has a separate drive

Each pedal has free running, no dead spots. All your power directing into the downward stroke. This is termed the 'drive phase'. You can end the drive phase with any leg at any time. You can relax any leg at any time.

The pedals lift automatically, there is a servo to lift them.

Besides, you can adjust the lifting force for each pedal separately.

Legs move exclusively vertically

StepTwin® Bike, perfect for training your leg, hip, seat, and upper body muscles. You can choose any cadence for each leg. Your muscular system can contract and relax at any rhythm.

Two bike drives to choose from
Silent biking

No chain drive noise, the only noise is the sound of the tires.

Adaptive separate rear drive

The StepTwin drive is a separate rear drive which can be set asymmetrically to provide a different load for each leg, by changing the rear fixie sprockets 13T - 18T.

StepTwin® Bike combines the effectiveness of running with the dynamics of cycling. A new level of outdoor training on the way to work, school, home, etc

5 independent speeds for each leg

You can switch the speed separately for the left and the right StepTwin® drive with the help of two switches Shimano Revo-Shifter.

Smooth load transfer to the driving wheel. This is important for safely loading your knee joint. You get the greatest torque when your leg is straightened.

Ride uphill - 1st speed

Max speed - 5th speed

Almost all of the forward energy of your legs turns into kinetic energy of the bike due to the innovative stepping drive.

No stress on the joints

Runners eventually get so injured that they can hardly walk because of the wear and tear on their joints. The impact of hard surfaces is harmful to the cartilage in the knees, ankles, and hips.

Good endurance and training

The upper part of the body remains upright, this trains the deep muscles around the spinal column that are so important for a healthy back.

StepTwin® Bike is suitable for all recommended, regardless of age or physical fitness. This is an effective and fast way to fat to burn while holding and protecting your muscles strengthen and improve your health.

Take advantage of the freedom

Casual riding, cross-training, cardio interval training, rehabilitation after trauma, chiseled perfection legs, bones of steel.

Adjustable steering column and seat

Quick adjustment with lever

Adjust your handlebar for your trip or riding style. The Promax ahead system with adjustable stem can be raised and lowered from 10 to 90 degrees instantaneously. Made from aluminum, 110 mm length.

Vertical folding technology

StepTwin® Bike is easy to fold without having to use any tools. It can be folded and unfolded in 20 seconds.

It may easily fit into a modest space

Folding size (H x L x W): 55.0 x 58.5 x 31.0cm / 21.6 x 23.0 x 12.2in.

Foldable & fits in the trunk of a car

This makes it a practical means of transport fit for sports, leisure, commuting.

High-quality components
Technical details​

You will be able to choose the color of your StepTwin® Bike. Frame & Rims colors:

- Red, Black, Blue, Gray, lime-green, Orange, Silver

Riders and engineers

Walking and cycling are gaining popularity to maintain good physical fitness and promote health. This trigged our imagination to create a product that would combine both walking and biking. We created the challenge to develop two independent drives for a bicycle. After 10 prototype iterations, we have finally produced a StepTwin® Bike we’re proud of.

How can I use StepTwin® Bike?

StepTwin® Bike is a universal folding Bionic bike. He can be used as the regular bicycle: for trips around the city, for work, cyclings, etc. It is possible to use for various pieces of training as the cycle stepper. It is possible to use for the rehabilitation of muscles and joints.

Why the StepTwin® Bike is Separate Bionic Bike?

StepTwin® Bike has a unique dual independent rear wheel drive. Through the unique drive no circular motion, the movements of legs of the cyclist same, as well as at usual walking, natural.

What is a string drive?

StepTwin® String Drive uses fibers and aluminum pulleys drive system instead of a traditional chain.

The main difference between a string and a chain drive?

The string drive does not require maintenance and is totally silent. Chain drive has a greater resource.

What are the fibers made of?

The world's strongest fiber - Dyneema®. It is made from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene with HDPE coated, resistant to sunshine, UV-radiation, and rain.

The durability of the fibers?

2000 - 3000 km, depending on the loads in the process of cycling.

What happens if the string fiber snaps?

You can ride a StepTwin® Bike on the second separate drive. Or replace the string fiber, it takes 5 minutes. No tool required, no need to remove the rear wheel, or other parts.

Where can get a spare string fiber?

The two spare string fibers are provided and come with instruction to install.

How does StepTwin® Bike differ from the bicycle?

StepTwin® Bike has no dead points, unlike the regular bicycle, and doesn't overload joints. Two independent drives provide complete freedom of the movement by legs.

What does StepTwin® Bike differ from stepper bike?

The main difference is that you can press pedals on StepTwin® Bike any leg and in any sequence: two legs at the same time, two legs separately, only one leg. Besides, it is possible to control the effort made by each leg.

How can StepTwin® Bike help in the rehabilitation?

Two independent wheel drives allow the cyclist to control effort which he makes separately on the right leg and separately on the left leg. For example, on StepTwin® Bike it is possible to move, pressing a pedal only one leg. The second leg can be in a condition of a relax at this time or press a pedal with the minimum loading.

What is the maximum recommended rider weight?

The StepTwin® Bike is designed to carry a maximum load of 120 kg, the equivalent of 264 lbs or 18.9 UK stone.

How much does the StepTwin® Bike weight?

StepTwin® Bike S1 weight about 9.3 kg / 20.5 lbs. StepTwin® Bike A1 weight about 7.8 kg / 17.2 lbs. lbs. StepTwin® Bike T1 weight about 7.0 kg / 15.4 lbs.

Does StepTwin® Bike come in different sizes?

The StepTwin® Bike is designed to be one size fits all, because it is highly adjustable. The seat ride height and front handle can be adjusted based on your build.

What are the minimum and maximum rider height?

The StepTwin® Bike can comfortably accommodate riders from 130 сm to 210 cm (4'3' to 6'10') thanks to its adjustable seat post and front handle.

How many speeds does the StepTwin® Bike have?

StepTwin® Bike has five speeds on the left and five speeds on the right are absolutely independent of each other.